Richard Benton
Richard Benton

Richard Orson Benton was born in 1938 and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Fascinated by Orson Welles presence on the American radio stage at the time, his mother honored Mr. Welles by giving Richard his middle name. Perhaps that was prophetic, given this author’s predilection for science fiction and fantasy. Living through the discomforts of World War II’s rationing, blackouts and the gnawing fear constantly communicated to him by his elders, he was a child of the times. Following high school, he spent four years in the United States Air Force. He received his BA from the University of Connecticut in 1967.

In early life Dick wrote travelogues and campfire stories to capture the essence of memory on paper. In the early 1990’s he started filling bound blank journal books with little stories he’d gleaned at life’s little junctures. By 1999 he’d filled seven of them with stories that may bring a smile in future years.

His novels are: I Wish I May, A Tale of the Fourth Millennium, published in 2002, Moonlight Man, an action driven adult thriller  published in 2009, and The Mission, a thoughtful, post apocalypse adventure story, published in 2010.

He is currently working on, as time will allow, a story about two New York teen punks who realize that the City is eating them alive, working title, Evading Desolation. Faced with street death or jail, they run away. They get jobs as deck hands on a Greek container ship, only to discover that the whole world is a dangerous place, not just where they came from. Their adventures begin the boys’ personal journey to maturity.

For years Dick has been writing short stories and has decided to publish them through his blog. Sequels to two of his full length novels are underway. They are,  My Wish is Might, sequel to I Wish I May, and Neo-Men, sequel to The Mission.

Dick is President and moderator of The Litchfield Writer’s Guild and a member of the Board of Directors of CAPA (the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. Through his association with members of the Guild, he compiled three anthologies of short stories, LWG Anthology of The Litchfield Writers Guild, 2007, LWG Anthology II, 2010 and LWG Anthology III, 2014.  He lives in the northwest hills of Connecticut with his wife.

So much time in front of the computer requires activity for balance. Dick loves tennis, golf, cross-country skiing, and refreshingly long aerobic walks. He loves ocean cruising, island hopping and forays into the outback of any fascinating place.

Dick believes that life is just life and that it owes him nothing. He also believes that what he puts into it without expectation will come back in some positive form. A few years ago he distilled his thoughts on what’s really important about any individual life into the saying below:

Anticipate your future, live your present and for your past gather memories, for they alone are the threads by which you will judge the real value of your life.

Finally, he believes that at the end, while drawing a last breath, if he can look back on it and can say, “Damn, that was interesting!” then it was absolutely worthwhile!