About Me

Dick lives with his wife in the northwest hills of Connecticut. Tucked away in this rolling rural setting he has written hundreds of short stories, which include articles, essays, true adventures and lessons from childhood and life, and many fictional tales.

He has written two stage plays and has tried nearly every other genre for size, including general fiction, fantasy, science fiction and horror, and has written several children’s stories. In the non-fiction genre, Dick adds to his true stories of life on a regular basis. He has dabbled in poetry, but finds most satisfaction in writing a good work of fiction. Many of his articles and stories have been published in local and regional newspapers, in magazines and one has been published on-line as an e-story.

He has nine novel projects. Three are published. His breakout novel is I Wish I May, A Tale of the Fourth Millennium, a galactic science fiction adventure, followed by Moonlight Man, a present day action/thriller. The Mission, a post apocalypse near future adventure seeks to discover a way to reign in greed and self-interest in humanity, not to lose itself, but to avoid ultimate unchecked future catastrophe, was released in September 2010. On his future timeline are six additional book projects, including a sequel for The Mission; working title Neo-Men and another for I Wish I May; working title, My Wish is Might.

The well hasn’t run dry. Currently he is busy working on Evading Desolation, a young adult story about two teen age punks from New York City who run away from a city that’s eating them alive. They discover that life remains a challenge, no matter where they are. What follows is a dangerous but enlightening journey into maturity.

Again, WELCOME, and enjoy!